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Bringing seamless Digitisation/Automation for all round efficiency in business operations and processes.

Since 1998, Sarjen has been providing “Information Technology” enabled solutions to various industry verticals to suit different business needs. Since it’s founding, Sarjen has stood out through its own unique business style. And, is known to architect, design and develop proprietary technology stack with careful thought and consideration. Sarjen has continually invested its efforts to absorb cutting edge technology for it’s innovative solutions. Sarjen has developed many solutions using web & desktop technologies, and native mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows).

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At the core of Sarjen’s solution implementation success, there is flexible delivery approach where Sarjen efficiently merges its domain expertise with the proprietary technology stack.

Sarjen’s own intellectual property (IP) also provides leverage on offering various customer-friendly, customised pricing models.

All Sarjen products can be easily integrated with industry standard enterprise applications. Sarjen’s project management and consulting teams seamlessly execute integration projects ensuring high throughput.

Sarjen excels in data heavy business applications which necessitate high volume of data processing where the rationale of treating each set of data is unique and challenging. Analytics on such data sets is then used to derive insightful perspective on business strategy.

Sarjen provides solutions and services across several industry domains including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Life sciences, FMCG, etc.; ensuring data quality & integrity and regulatory compliance.



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